Daily Reflections

Daily Reflections: A Book of Reflections by A.A. Members for A.A. Members is a book containing daily snippets of A.A.s reflecting on quotes from the literature.

Large Print $USD 10.25
Hardcover $USD 10.75
eBook $USD 5.99

Big Book (Pocket)

Alcoholics Anonymous in a pocket sized abridged copy of the Big Book, the stories at the end are not in this version.

Large Print $USD 6.00
Softcover $USD 5.00

As Bill Sees It

As Bill Sees It is a collection of bite size easy to digest nuggets from Bill W.’s writings (coming from books and personal letters).

Hardcover $USD 9.00
Softcover $USD 8.60
eBook $USD 5.99

Living Sober

Living Sober is a practical guide to learning how to live and stay sober. It is a practical handbook with less than 100 pages that utilizes examples to show how A.A. members make it work one day at a time.

Softcover $USD 8.25
eBook $USD 3.99

Twelve and Twelve

Written by Bill W., the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions is comprised of 24 essays on Alcoholics Anonymous’s steps and traditions. This book covers the principles of individual recovery and group unity.

Hardcover $USD 8.90
Softcover $USD 8.25
eBook $USD 7.99

Big Book

The primary text of Alcoholics Anonymous. The first edition was published in 1939 and the fourth edition was updated in 2001, millions of people have used this book to help them recover from alcoholism.

Hardcover $USD 9.50
Softcover $USD 9.10
eBook $USD 5.99