Important Changes Regarding Coronavirus

Please visit the homepage for the most up to date information regarding meetings during this time regarding location changes, virtual meetings, and other information.

Scheduled AA Meetings in Buenos Aires

These are meetings in the city of Buenos Aires

Martinez Meetings

Martinez is a suburb of Buenos Aires, and not in Capital Federal (aka not in city bounds)

This schedule is current but is subject to change without prior notice.

For directions via public transportation anywhere within city limits, check out

The meetings are not all wheelchair accessible, only the newest buildings in Buenos Aires are designed with accessibility in mind. With assistance or prior notice, accommodations can be made and members are always willing to share fellowship with a fellow AA who is unable to access a meeting.

Women's Meeting

Fridays, Daytime

A women’s AA meeting happens during the day every Friday, the location is nomadic right now but is always within Buenos Aires city limits.

The meeting is open and we are inclusive for all women, non-binary, trans, and gender non-conforming folks who are working the 12 Steps.

If you would like to attend please email for the details:

Serenity Group [Formerly Corrientes Group] (Monday - Friday)

Montevideo 1372

Iglesia Esclavas del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús
Sister Servants of the Sacred Heart


Buenos Aires Serenity Group



Meetings on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are CLOSED meetings. Tuesday is an OPEN meeting.

Kindly take notice that the entrance to the meetings is the door on the right side of the Church. The room for our meetings is upstairs. Each member will be buzzed in by a receptionist behind a glass wall. Tell her you are going to the English AA meeting.

Go up one flight of stairs and follow the hallway on the left. We’re behind the second door.

On Argentine National Holidays meetings will begin at 6:45pm and end at 7:45pm, we must vacate the room at 8PM promptly. Please note that nuns live here, so we ask that you keep noise to a minimum when entering and leaving the meeting.

On the first Friday of the month, a business meeting is held directly after the normally scheduled meeting at 8pm.

On the last Friday of the month, birthdays are celebrated with a cake and a token.

 Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 As Bill Sees It  Speaker – OPEN Big Book 12 by 12  Speaker

Living Sober Group (Saturday)

San Martin 1035

Basílica Santísimo Sacramento

Between Ricardo Rojas and Marcelo T. Alvear




This is an OPEN meeting.

Please be quiet and respectful of the church service being held. Please enter by the main entrance into the sanctuary, then turn to the left and follow that corridor toward the back of the church. There is a gate at the end of the corridor with a NO PASAR sign. There may or may not be a sign there to direct you to AA, but either way you pass through that gate and that leads to the meeting room.

Every Saturday

Living Sober (OPEN MEETING)

Email the group for any questions:

Loreto Meeting (Sunday)

Juncal 3115 Loreto Church

Juncal 3115

Loreto Church

Corner of Juncal and Avenida Coronel Díaz

Palermo Neighborhood



Please come on time. This is a meditation meeting and the first part of the meeting includes quiet meditation. As always, you can arrive late and are welcome at any time! It’s better to come late than to not come at all.

The church is surrounded by a fence. The meeting is in the building to the left of the main church, in the red brick building, enter and go upstairs to Room 114.

There is a Spanish AA meeting at 7:30 the same time in the back on the ground floor, so if you get turned around and someone directs you that way, specify that you are look for “Inglés” or “sala Uno-catorce.”

Martinez Group (Located outside of the city of Buenos Aires)

Sarmiento 328

Anglican Church Hall

Iglesia Anglicana San Miguel y Todos Los Ángeles

Martinez, Buenos Aires





Martinez is outside of Capital Federal. The meetings are held at St. Michael & All Angels Anglican church, Sarmiento 328, Martínez (two blocks from Martínez train station, corner of Eduardo Costa).

By train: Take the Tigre train from Retiro Station to Martínez. The Martinez station is about 30 minutes from Retiro.

 Wednesday  Sunday
 7:30pm-8:30pm  6:30pm-7:30pm