There is a lot of literature endorsed by AA. Many of us have found it beneficial to read books from other sources on the topics of alcoholism, addiction, spirituality, meditation, and more. However, we neither endorse nor oppose any readings outside of AA approved literature and in the spirit of singleness of purpose, we have tried to keep outside links to a minimum on this site. The following is a listing of AA approved literature that you can purchase from the General Service Office and sometimes from our meetings when we have them in stock.

Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers

This book contains 26 photographs and gives a biography of Alcoholic’s Anonymous’s co-founder Dr. Bob.

Print $USD 10.50
eBook $USD 7.99

Pass It On

This book contains 39 photographs and gives a biography of Alcoholic’s Anonymous’s co-founder Bill W.

Print $USD 11.00
eBook $USD 8.99

Came to Believe

120-pages of stories written by A.A. members on the topic “spiritual awakening” and what it means to them.

Print $USD 5.00
Large Print $USD 5.25
eBook $USD 3.99

AA Comes of Age

Another story told by Bill W., Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age explains how A.A. started, how the Steps and Traditions evolved, and how the A.A. Fellowship grew worldwide.

Print $USD 9.50
eBook $USD 6.99

AA in Prison

A.A. in Prison: Inmate to Inmate is a collection of essays that tell the stories of those who have discovered the AA fellowship while incarcerated.

Print $USD 2.50
eBook $USD 1.99

Experience, Strength & Hope

Each edition of the Big Book updates the stories that are printed in the back of the book. Experience, Strength & Hope contains fifty-six retired stories from the first three editions of the Big Book.

Print $USD 5.50
eBook $USD 4.99